See It To Believe It: The Importance Of Lighting

It’s easy to take the power of lighting for granted, so a quick refresher every once in awhile to think about bright, beautiful bulbs and blinkers can do a person good, especially if that person has anything to do with the design industry, or even has a tangential interest in it. Sight is central to the human sensory experience, and light, is what gives us that power.

So just as a reminder of some of the practical uses of light, think about how it’s used in cars and trucks for safety and practicality, how interior and exterior lighting affect different experiences, how event lighting is used (think club events, for example), and how lighting and work affects people’s habits.

Lighting Uses For Cars and Trucks

Thinking about headlights and taillights in cars is probably something you don’t really consider deeply all that often, but because we spend so much time on the road and in vehicles, it’s definitely worthy of a mention. Knowing the different types of lighting systems, like halogen vs. LED, and understanding tech developments like headlights that turn when you do, or the point of fog lights, gives you some indication of the power they provide to your life.

Interior Lighting

And think about the difference between a home, maybe even your own, when it has good interior lighting vs. bad interior lighting. If the colors are wrong, if something is too bright or too dim, if the switches are hard to find, all of these things affect you on a daily, or even hourly basis. And looking into interior lighting designs even casually for a few minutes can give you great ideas about how to improve your areas with just a little bit of extra knowledge.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting around homes and business makes a big difference for a number of reasons. They suggest a more secure structure, for one thing, especially if entryway lighting is done correctly, as any sort of criminal or nefarious behavior would have a straight spotlight on it!

Event Lighting

And the last time you went to a club or a concert, even if you didn’t notice it, the lighting is going to have a huge impact on your energy level and emotional state. Lighting engineers are absolutely brilliant at working with light and sound together to give you the ultimate experience.

Work Lighting

And for those of you who work in offices, you know that good or bad lighting can either make or break your work day. Your eyes get tired, you feel sleepy or stressed; that may be a direct consequence of the wrong kind of light for the environment!