Here’s how it’s done! Some WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Your Blog

Search Engine Optimization

When you are thinking about blogging or getting any kind of online content visible, you need to think about search engine optimization. What you would be doing is ensuring that you have optimized your content in terms of having the right combination of keywords so that you can rank as high as possible in the search results. Various tools can help you achieve this but you could also hire out this part of the work to specialists.

WordPress and SEO

WordPress is almost synonymous with blogging. This is because it is arguably the most popular blogging platforms. It is among the easiest to use so most bloggers tend to start with WordPress and a great majority stick with it. Therefore, when it comes to giving SEO tips for bloggers, WordPress is a great way of explaining these tips.

Let’s Get to it!

There are a lot of SEO tips you can find on sites such as but we’ll just highlight a few of them.

1. Remember the people

Bloggers can become so engrossed in ensuring that there are as many keywords as possible as an SEO strategy at the expense of writing good content. Always remember that you are writing for people, not for the search engine ranking. Write great content, unique and relevant and fit in as many keywords as possible in a natural way.

2. Focus on the title

This is what displays on most search engines so you can maximize on the title by fitting in as many keywords as you can here rather than just having the name of your blog. You will get a lot more visibility this way.

3. Simplicity

How does your blog look? You need to ensure that it is clutter free, attractive and organized so that visitors can navigate through new and old posts without struggling to keep up.

4. Content is king

There is no escaping it: content is king. You need to write high quality content in order to build a following for your blog. It does not matter what you are writing about, just make sure it is the best piece of writing on that subject. Great content is more noticeable to search engines than just random stuffing of keywords.

5. Keyword phrases

Try to have your keywords in phrases rather than having them appear singularly and scattered in your content. These are more effective with search engines. Just make sure that the phrases make sense and fit well into the entire content.

6. Internal links

New posts should always link to older, relevant posts as much as possible. This way, you keep the older posts in ‘circulation’ as well as keeping the readers interested. Internal links have the regard of being best practice for blogging.

7. Keyword hyperlinks

These are much better than simple having a ‘click here’ hyperlink. This is because the visitor knows what it is they are expecting to see on the other side. These work much like the internal links.

Make sure to check out the other SEO tips to make sure your blog is at its best possible state.

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