Website Tips for How to Display Product Properly

Web design varies greatly in its presentation from entity to entity. The way a website should be designed directly correlates to the overall mission of the site itself. Is the aim to get people to buy into a product? Is the aim to get people to subscribe to your newsletters or your YouTube channel? Is the aim to simply inspire people to create something?

Whatever your mission, it’s important that you put a lot of thought into your web design. This is the primary access and mode of communication anybody is going to have with your product, especially if you solely operate online. First impressions matter. It’s the deciding factor on whether you (your website) gets a second date in a world full of potential suitors.

Don’t Give Too Many Options

Is less more, or is more less? Though most would say that less is indeed more, there is still that percentage of the population that believes that more is less…and even greater, that more is more. So what’s the correct answer?

In the realm of product placement over an online forum, less is definitely more. Screens are harder to organize as it is. You never know the method by which a shopper is browsing, and hopefully shopping and purchasing! When faced with too many options, a customer is more likely to not purchase at all. It’s easier to choose when there are less options, so make your selections limited and use big colorful graphics that display your products, like this example.

Find Your Balance

The general rule of thumb now days is that every website should display a healthy amount of graphics and video. The reason being is that the world is so visual. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth…everything. The catch with this is that there also has to be the right mixture of text in that equation.

Pictures are great. They will draw a person in and explain what you’re product is a lot better than words on a screen will. However, text is still important to explain the important information like price, shipping procedure, the way the product is intended to be used, and any other pertinent information that is key to having people understand your product.

A video will do the trick if somebody is in a place where they can watch a video, but life doesn’t always allow you to put everything on hold to play a media file. Sometimes your good old language skills are going to have to do the trick. This is just one reason why balance is so important in placing product on a website.