We’re in a trading environment in which the importance of using responsibly sourced materials and operating ethically are of vital importance to clients but it is just as consequential to impress with the aesthetic. Print finishing can make the difference between a good printed product and an exceptional one.

Why is that important?

You might argue that it’s just a business card or a poster in the window, does it really matter whether there is embossing work or varnishing? Yes. The effort and investment  to create the brand can be weakened by marketing products which subliminally deliver a message that you don’t work to optimum standards, that finishing touches are not a speciality and thereby suggesting that you may not be the right supplier or service provider for the potential client’s needs. 

First impressions are enduring

Your company literature, roller banners, stationery and posters may be the means by which someone gains their first impression of your business or of you personally. It is imperative that these items present a wholly positive image. You won’t get a second chance to make the first impression, and lasting opinions are formed within ten seconds so make the most of your opportunities to stand out from the crowd and ensure competitors don’t claim what so easily could have been yours with a little more focus. Using a specialist firm like IPW1 with a comprehensive service and over forty years of printing and trading experience to draw on guarantees that your product speaks volumes about your professionalism and attention to detail. You communicate that choosing you and your brand is the right choice.

Print finishing enhances the brand and product

Most people know printing utilises a range of techniques including digital, litho and thermography to deliver the best results and print finishing offers its own variety, sophistication and quality using cutting edge methods and developments. Expertly designed and crafted print finishing encompasses gilt, foil, lamination, varnishes and paintwork. Binding of presentations and documents, mounting and encapsulation of window advertising are hugely popular solutions which achieve visual objectives in a cost effective manner.

Metallics in printing are impressive and this quality look can be enhanced with print finishing techniques.

Ultraviolet varnishing is utilised to great effect on specific areas of printed material to highlight important data or a logo. It is clear, smooth and can be applied in matt, gloss or with a glitter finish. Combining lamination and ultraviolet varnishing delivers an outstanding aesthetic and practicality.

Which print finishing solution is right for your brand?.

Which finish offers the ideal solution for the printed media and advertising for a company or brand is a matter of choice, design and the message that is central to the corporate identity.

For example, it would be practical and pleasing to varnish literature available in restaurants and bars but would embossing suit the vision of a particular enterprise as you perceive it? Fast food outlets are unlikely to indulge in gilding or ornate paintwork but a family run bistro could quite logically choose one of these to their benefit. Embossing or debossing would be viable for a wedding planner or events specialist seeking an elite clientele or foiling could deliver and reinforce the essence of opulence that a five star hotel’s renovation, a unique selling point in its location, brings and helps to attract guests. A High Street fashion store’s choice of encapsulated media in a window to display the new trends available without encroaching on the sales area or causing a health and safety risk is wise. Meanwhile, a corporate bank may consider an attractive stitch binding for its literature to communicate that it deals with complicated big value deals rather than run-of-the-mill domestic banking business.

You have flexibility to seek out the perfect print finishing for your unique needs.

Print finishing is worth the investment

Whilst print finishing costs more than basic printing it is an expenditure that pays for itself in the recipient’s positive emotional response and its subsequent returns on investment which impact on the bottom line. You have the right to feel proud of any banners, brochures, leaflets, direct mailing campaigns and invitations you distribute or display. They sell on your behalf. You wouldn’t feel comfortable welcoming a potential client to a showroom with paintwork peeling, unsecured floor tiles or a door that had to be kicked to open it so why allow the printed material to deliver less than excellence?

Print finishing shouldn’t be considered a luxury, it is too beneficial to ignore.

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