With the help of Computer Aided Graphics (CAD) software, creating and printing amazing graphics have been enhanced and an easy task to perform. Even printing and cutting graphic patterns such as embroidery, vinyl, etc. have been easier. Cutting patterns with bare hands are slower and less accurate, but with the inception of graphic cutting machines and computer graphic files like SVG, millions of perfectly cut designs can be produced per day.


Scalable Vector Graphic is a computer-generated image format; SVG is created and rendered by mapping each pixel with specified color from an XML database, this makes it scalable to an indefinite extent simply because the computer memory always re-map each pixel with assigned colors anytime the image is resized.

Below are few features of an SVG file;

  • Web Standard: responsiveness, smaller file size and programmable feature are few features that make SVG the standard format for displaying vector images on web pages.
  • SEO friendly: with small file size, optimized color, self-navigable DOM and more, SVGs enhance SEO features of websites they are used on.
  • Customizable: can be customized on the go with various graphics editing software such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, etc. including web browsers via a programming interface.
  • Scalability: SVG image can be indefinitely resized without losing its image quality.
  • Print-ready: SVG’s crispness and image quality make it generally acceptable for printing jobs and the only required source file for major publishers and media printing companies.

SVG Cuts

An efficient way for creating design and patterns for cutting jobs is the SVG cuts; neat and simple/sophisticated designs can be created with the help of computer-aided graphics, these designs are saved in vector formats and then serve as an input file for the graphics cutting machine. On DesignBundles.net, you can find hundreds or thousands of amazing SVG designs for cutting, embroidery or bookscraping jobs. Visit DesignBundles.net to search and buy commercial use SVG Cut files. These SVGs are compatible with Cricut, Silhouette, SCAL, Scan N Cut and all major design programs.

SVG Cutting Machines

These machines are data guided machines that are connected to computers via a cable or wireless terminal, an SVG file serves as the input file that instructs the machine on the patterns or designs to cut.  SVG cutting machines are capable of high precision cutting and produce a very large (industrial) quantity.


Founded in 2016 with the aim of connecting talented independent designers with customers who are looking for amazing graphics resources at surprisingly cheaper prices, DesignerBundles.net is a marketplace for various graphics design tools such as SVG cuts, PNG, JPG, etc. DesignBundles.net hosts over 150,000 hubs on its website and can boast of 1,000,000+ customers nationwide. Visit DesignBundles.net now to claim up to 96% discount on design bundles.

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