Since the pandemic started, land-based stores find it very challenging to keep their businesses going. Because of this, some shops and businesses closed their doors. But because many people need to work further despite the situation, some of them considered opening an online business.

Through these online businesses, entrepreneurs found an alternative way to continue selling their products even when they are in the comfort of their homes. Through various methods of selling products through the Internet, the number of online businesses has skyrocketed in the last couple of months.

What are online businesses?

Online businesses are the type of businesses where all transactions and communications are done through the Internet. From the promotion of the product to the actual selling process, online businesses are 100% virtual and do not have a physical store.

It is basically like an e-commerce platform, but specific to one seller or vendor only. Some people open their online businesses without using e-commerce platforms or websites. They rely mostly on self-promotion through their social media networks and other online promotions.

Manage your online business effectively with these tools

In this article, we will discuss the different tools that online sellers can use to make sure that they can manage their businesses more effectively. Through these platforms, they will have better support in completing their transactions online, which will later help secure the success of their business. Let’s a look at these tools.

  1. Online PDF Tool

Since it is ideal to use PDF files for documentation to guarantee the integrity of your contracts and invoices, it’s necessary to have an online PDF tool such as PDFBear. With this tool, you can easily convert, edit, optimize, and compress pdf files online. PDFBear offers a variety of services that will ensure that your PDF files are updated and protected at all times.

This online PDF tool does not to be installed on your computer. It is a web-based platform where all the features and services can be accessed on their website. In as easy as 4 simple steps, you can conveniently maintain and modify your PDF files. Most of all, it’s a free tool for minimal functions. Having a reliable PDF tool can make sure that your business documents are organized and updated at all times.

  1. Social media management platforms

One of the most effective ways to sell your products is through social media platforms. It is proven that most online users spend most of their time on social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thus, it’s necessary to present on all these platforms as often as possible. Furthermore, you can also use these channels to handle customer concerns. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get feedback from your target market.

However, managing multiple social media platforms is a tedious job. To help you make sure that all your social channels are active, you can use some social media management platforms such as Hootsuite. In that way, you wouldn’t need to switch from one site to another. Hootsuite can help you schedule, respond, and monitor your social media presence.

  1. Freelance job portal

Once your business is growing, there’s a high chance that you will need it from other people. But because you are only starting, and also because of the pandemic, it’s ideal to hire freelance contributors first. In that way, you will only employ them based on what’s needed for a specific project and you do not need to worry about their salary in the long run.

Upwork is one of the most reliable websites to outsource some of your tasks. They have a pool of great writers, designers, accountants, translators, and more. Regardless of whichever help you need for a project, Upwork can help you find the right person for the job. The platform will also guide you from the hiring process until the job is finished. In that way, you can be sure that the freelancer will get the job done.

  1. Online payment channels

Since all your transactions will be done online, it’s necessary to choose the online payment channels. Naturally, some beginners in the online business industry will go for the basic bank deposit for payment. However, this may be a bit inconvenient for your consumers. If you want to give your customers ease of payment, you might use Paypal, Shopify, or other payment channels or e-Commerce sites.

Using these tools is like having a personal cashier for your business. They will handle all the payments received by your business. You can also get a summary report of all the payments received in a month. This can act as your official invoice and receipts for all your transactions.

  1. Bookkeeping and accounting tools

Above everything else, do not forget that you are running a business. Thus, it’s necessary to have a tool that will help you with bookkeeping and accounting. In that way, you can easily monitor all your income and expenditure in a month. 

You can check out Freshbooks. It’s an all-in-one tool for business accounts. It can help you handle all your financial reports from the payments you receive every transaction to the monthly summary of your income and expenses. Through this, you can easily identify if you need to make adjustments or if you can already expand your business.

  1. Content management software

If you want to conquer a bigger world, you can try creating your own web page using content management software such as WordPress. It’s a user-friendly platform where you can start up your website. Here, you can create a homepage for your business and you can also add subpages to feature some of your products. It also pays if you know something a bit about SEO so you can also optimize it for search engines.

Additionally, WordPress has plug-in features that allow you to add payment schemes. It can be an upgrade from your social media promotions. With your own website, you can easily promote your business and make the sale on one platform.

Use a reliable PDF tool for your online business needs!

Make sure that you have all the things that you need to manage your business seamlessly. If you want to use PDF as your primary file organizer, choose PDFBear for maintenance and modification. It’s an all-in-one platform for everything that you need to do with a PDF file. Visit their website to know more.

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