Finally! After months and months of skepticism, planning and hesitation, you’ve decided to start your own blog! You’ve decided the topic your blog will cover, but if you think that’s all there is to plan before starting a blog, then I am afraid you are not there yet.

Although, setting up a blog or website seems like a relatively easy task, it’s not actually that simple or straightforward. You cannot become a professional blogger overnight. It requires a lot of patience and careful planning, especially in a country like India, where blogging, although common, is still not recognized enough for it’s ingenuity.

Therefore, it is important to take time out and get some things in place before starting your dream blog. Because lets be fair, it is better to put in extra efforts in the start than face recurring problems later. After all, we all want nothing but smooth-sailing with our blog.

So if you are a fresh blogger or someone who’s starting a new blog, here are 5 important things you should know about before you begin your journey towards becoming a successful blogger.

1. Learn Everything Possible About Hosting

The first thing that any website or blog will require is good hosting. In this regard, it is advisable to opt for self hosting instead of going for free blog platforms like Tumblr.

Self hosting will give you more control and freedom to create and manage your blog in your own way. Even when it comes to WordPress, it is better to opt for a self hosting blog, instead of a free blog.

There are several good hosting companies present in the market, so it’s imperative that you understand your requirements and choose the one which suits your needs the best. BigRock is one of India’s top web hosting companies and is generally considered the most reliable one of the lot. You can also make the most of exclusive BigRock coupons and save money on your hosting plans through

Another good way to earn some additional money on the side while hosting your website is to resell web hosting services to your friends and family. You can sign up with a cheap reseller hosting service in India and then use it to host your website as well as reseller web hosting services to others. You can easily make over $100 a day with reseller hosting.


2. Make Sure You Check Out All the Amazing WordPress Themes

Aesthetics and design are two of the most important aspects of any website. If your blog does not look appealing enough and appears dull and drab, it will turn away visitors, no matter how good the content on your blog is.

This is where WordPress helps tremendously. There are several beautiful WordPress themes that you can choose from, depending on the nature of your blog. And the best bit, a good number of them are absolutely free!

You can check them out here-


If you do not mind spending a bit to get the most attractive and appealing WordPress themes, you can also check out the Premium themes here-


3. Power Your Blog With WordPress Plugins

One of the best things about WordPress is the availability of numerous god-sent plugins! You can literally take your blog to whole new levels of awesomeness by installing a handful of essential plugins.


These plugins will not only help in adding a variety of features to your blog, but will also help in running the blog smoothly and efficiently.

However, it is also important not to clog your blog with a lot of plugins, all of which may not even be relevant. Just choose the ones which you will require the most.

Read reviews and know all about what the plugin has to offer before getting it for your blog. This is where you can find all the best WordPress plugins-


4. Get Your Blog and Domain Name Registered

The name of your blog will become your identity. In other words, your blog name is your brand name. If you have coined a unique and catchy blog name already, make sure you check that a related domain name is available.

If it is,register it as soon as possible! Remember, there are hundreds of bloggers in the country, who may be writing about the same things as you do. And it doesnt take very long for a good domain name to get registered. Before you know it, your potential name may already get taken away by someone else.

So make sure you head to a good domain name registrar like BigRock, and get your domain name registered as soon as you decide on a name.

5. Make Sure You Only Post Original Content

This is a no-brainer really.

For your blog to succeed, it is very important that your posts are original, unique and interesting. Nobody wants to read something that has been covered by other bloggers before. So make sure you have something new or more to offer in every post of yours.

Also note that, you cannot just use any images and post them on your blog. Make some effort to understand all the terms regarding copyright and plagiarism before taking any image from the internet and posting it on your blog.

Remember, content is king. The fresher and more interesting your content, the more readers and subscribers you’ll get.

Making a blog famous and successful is not an easy task. But if you manage to start with the right approach and the right planning, you will eventually get there. So if you want to become the next big blogger of India, these are all the things you need to ensure before embarking on your blogging adventure!

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