It is really hard to design a t-shirt when you don’t have any design or design idea at hand. That would be a big problem on your part. If you have designer’s block right now, don’t worry. The internet is wide – you are sure to find a quick fix to your problem. You will surely find the best sublimation designs for t shirts.

Knowing more about Sublimation

Sublimation, also known as dye sublimation, is the printing process where it uses heat for transferring dye into a fabric or piece of clothing. The sublimation designs for t shirts are then dyed-sublimated into a specific transfer paper. This will be processed with heat and pressure. This process will ensure that the fabric will be dyed. Unlike screen printing, dye sublimation is dying the fabric itself and not just having it printed on top. Compared to other types of printing, the sublimation ink is seen and not felt in the printed fabric.

Thanks to advanced technology, we are already enjoying high quality printed t shirts. Whether you are choosing the best sublimation designs for t shirts and doing sublimation as your business, here are the top things that you should watch out to make it successful:

  1. Choose the right equipment – various machines are being used for dye sublimation. A machine used for printing is one of the equipment that you will need. The others include heat press, sublimation paper, and sublimation ink. If you are looking forward to a successful sublimation business, it is advisable that you invest in quality equipment. It might cost you a bit, but you can thank yourself later for doing so.
  2. Get the proper sublimation accessories – these include getting spray adhesive, tape dispenser and thermal tape, heat gloves, and heat transfer pillows. You also need silicone sheets and Teflon sheets to protect the heat platen. If you were working on metal or ceramic items, you would need a sublimation heating pad.
  3. Think in advance on your sublimation blanks –To avoid getting stressed out of running out things when you are printing the chosen sublimation designs for t shirts, it is best to have extra or more of the printing essentials like sublimation blanks.
  4. Be familiar with software that you are using – aside from equipping yourself with the basics on your design software; it is best that you also familiarize yourself with the other tools used. Check out and watch some online tutorials to learn more.
  5. Take note of HMP – every time you start the sublimation process, always remember these things: the heat, moisture, and the pressure. Too little or too much of these can cause the sublimation design to be transferred to be too light, burned or even faded.
  6. Test it – before you start you proceed to print more of the orders or the gift that you needed to do, you need to remember three things; test, test, and test. If the result brings out the quality that you are looking for, then that is the time to proceed with your printing work.

These are the tips that will ensure you of a successful sublimation process. Bear in mind the tips mentioned above to produce quality sublimation designs for t shirts as expected.

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