Tired of analysing endless statistics regarding traffic to your website and online advertising strategies? While creating a strong online presence is essential for most business owners nowadays, there is more to marketing than simply social media and online ads.

Here’s a quick guide to how traditional banner advertising can benefit your brand and help grow your business.

Three Banner advertising benefits

  • Instant mass media advertising with extended exposure
  • Cumulative awareness built by repetitive exposure
  • High-impact, especially with large-format banners

Reasons to use banner advertising

Here are just some reasons why banners could work well for promoting your business and brand:

  • Extended exposure: banners in public places such as bus and train stations are displayed to a largely captive audience; something difficult to replicate with online ads or other advertising options.
  • Highly flexible: roll up banner stands can easily be positioned near points of sale to highlight offers, discounts, loyalty schemes, etc., as well as in various different locations to widen exposure of your brand or business.
  • Brevity: outdoor banners are especially effective in getting across a short message, concept, or idea in a visually appealing manner.
  • Strategic location: banners can be located in or near high-traffic areas, and mobilised on flatbed vehicles, to maximise exposure.
  • Attention grabbing: large-scale banners which are well-designed, and colourful, provide a high-impact presence. Technology including all-weather banner material, 3D graphic effects, and backlighting can really grab the attention of passers-by.
  • Budget-friendly: unit costs per-thousand for banners is considerably less than most other marketing materials.
  • Creative flexibility: today’s printing technology allows for ever-increasing creativity. Outdoor banner advertising can now take advantage of razor sharp large-scale resolution, three-dimensional graphics and much more to create a truly spectacular and head-turning display.
  • Repetitive exposure: outdoor banners located at prime sites, such as an intersection, school, train or bus station, etc. provide unbeatable repetitive exposure of your business and brand to regular commuters.
  • 24/7 exposure: outdoor banners can be displayed 24 hours per day thanks to all-weather vinyl and mesh materials, long-lasting ink, and modern illumination technology; this means your advertising is working full-time for the benefit of your business.
  • Locally targeted advertising: banner advertising typically targets a specific audience, whether it’s commuters in your local area, customers inside your retail premises, or using banner roll up displays to target attendees at a specific event.

Banner advertising can make sure your marketing budget is well spent; promoting your business and brand to those who are actually within striking distance of your business location, making it extremely cost-effective in terms of customer acquisition costs.

If you think you’re not creative enough to come up with an amazing banner design for your business, look for a local one-stop print shop to take care of the whole process. Simply share the essential information with them, and wait for the finished product, to take full advantage of banner advertising.

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