General Information on AngularJS, Backbone.js and Ember.js

Choosing the right framework for a web project is highly important, as this choice predetermines whether or not your project will be delivered on time, how much time, money and energy you will spend on its development and of course, whether or not it will be successful. The web is developing with an enormous pace, this is why it is crucial to choose the most powerful and economically efficient framework.

The most popular MV frameworks for the moment are AngularJS for developers, Backbone JS. and Ember JS Let’s try to compare the main features of these popular frameworks.

First of all, it is necessary to say that these frameworks have a few things that unite them. So, these are open-source frameworks used for the development of Single Page Web Apps with the help of MV design pattern. One more common thing unites AngularJS vs. Backbone and Ember is a permissive MIT license, they were released under.


The oldest of the three framework is Ember. It was released in 2007 and initially was used as SproutCore MVC framework. Today, Ember is widely used by many big-name companies, including ZenDesk, Yahoo and Groupon.

AngularJS is a bit younger. It was released in 2009 and sprang from a huge commercial product, known as GetAngular. Later the product was supported and sponsored by Google and AngularJS became an open-source framework.

Released in 2010, Backbone.js is the youngest of the three frameworks. Today, it is a lightweight MVC framework that comes with a rich set of features.


It is not a secret that community is one of the most important determinative factors it is necessary to consider when choosing the right platform. The benefits of using a framework with a large community are numerous. Indeed, when choosing a framework with a large community, you get numerous tutorials on YouTube, a great number of third-party modules and answers to most of questions you may have when using a framework.

According to the latest statistics date, AngularJS is takes a leading position in all parameters, including the number of third-party modules, StackOverflow questions, and starts on Github. The second position is occupied by Backbone.js and the third one by Ember.js.


Unlike AngularJS and Ember, that contain a templating engine, Backbone allows choosing a templating engine on your own.

The choice of a framework, depends on the specific needs of every company. To make the right choice, it is necessary to learn the pros and cons of using each framework.

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