How to Make Your Email Campaigns Socially Viral

Have you ever considered how you can make your email campaign go viral on the Internet? Why is particular type of content able to explode and take over the Internet, and in what way can you replicate this? Can your marketing campaign go viral as well? We at Mailigen are willing to share these secrets with you.

But what does it mean to go viral? The term viral is actually derived from biology and the idea here is to make a connection between viral content and the rules of viruses and epidemics.

Email Campaigns Socially Viral

Certain phenomenon and ideas, if you think about it, tend to spread like a virus. Take yawning for example. It is contagious to a certain level and this has already been proven. The fact that you have already read the word “yawning” in this paragraph meant that there is a good chance that you will yawn or you have already done so. If you are accessing this content in a large open office space, there is a large probability that one of your colleagues will yawn too. Viral content is also contagious and works in a similar way. But let us get down to business and discuss some tips that will help you create a viral campaign.

People need to look good

If you make people look good, there is a high chance they will pass it on. It can’t be more simple than that. If you take the Ice Bucket challenge, for example, the idea behind which is donation to a charity, it makes people look charitable, caring and overall good.

It is in our very nature to share good deeds and news with family and friends, and the content we decide to send over to other people also affects the way in which they think about us.

Provoke emotion

Viral campaigns are almost always connected to human emotions. Nostalgia, happiness, excitement – you name it and just pick one. One such example is the advert “Evian Baby & Me”. Its success was due to the fact that it made people happy, while including the message “Evian water make you feel young”.

You can also try to use such a strategy in your next email marketing campaign.

Present events

Strive to produce content that is relevant, timely and tuned to the current events. Whether it is sports, news or pop culture events, make sure your campaigns and trends are trendy. Generate content that addresses recent events. During the World Football Cup there was a lot of content related to football. Can you produce similar content for your own business?

Share the content

Your content must be shared often, and this is another obvious strategy you must employ in your email marketing campaigns. Viral marketing lives on the idea that the content must appeal to a broad range of readers and be seen by a lot of people. It is important to convey an easily understandable message that relates to many people.

These are our most important recommendations on how to create a viral email campaign. Just have it in mind that viral marketing resembles success in Hollywood – everyone desires it but very few succeed.

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