Are you planning to start a blog and looking for some fresh, exciting and functional templates to build your blog around? There are a ton of useful templates available whether you’re using WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla. However, there’s only a handful that are designed well and come with the best features. Here are 10 fresh and exciting templates that you should consider before launching your blog.

1. Uncode

Uncode is a multi-purpose theme for WordPress. It is built with Visual Composer which is a plugin that allows you to pick and choose what elements you want to build and build your site with a drag and drop function. There are over 20 different beautiful homepage concepts that you can start your site with. In addition, there is immense amount of customization options from the logo, menu, layout, font, colors to the footer. These and the other list of features give you a ton of flexibility, allowing you to build just about any kind of site.

2. Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a WordPress theme that differentiates itself from other themes by focusing on speed and performance. It’s been tested on Google and GTmetrix and the developers claim that their score is faster than any other theme. This theme has visual site builder integrated into it and has a strong selection of templates to help you get started. It lacks the large list of features of other popular themes but it is designed for people who want to build a lean site.

3. Kalium

Kalium is a WordPress theme designed for professional and eCommerce stores. It comes with Visual Composer to make it easy for anyone to build their own sites. It also comes with Revolution Slider which is the most popular slider plugin. The theme supports multilingual functions, has a large database of fonts and has an immense amount of designs/layouts fit for professionals and eCommerce sites. It continues to receive frequents updates, which means more relevant uses for all kinds of markets/industries.

4. TheGem

TheGem is another popular WordPress theme on the list. What makes it different is that it has the largest number of creative designs with the focus being mostly on a modern style. You’ll find templates for everything from construction, fashion, business, technology, eCommerce, photography, restaurants, to lawyers. It uses Visual Composer, WordPress slider and supports many different popular plugins. This is an all around theme that focuses on a large selection of templates and creative options.

5. Boulevard

Boulevard is a modern and professional Blogger template that’s perfect for people who want to build a traditional blog. It has a really sleek look that is backed up with a perfect grid alignment. It features some cool widgets like the tabbed post browsing menu which allows you discover posts based on tags, popular posts and comments. It also has some helpful social media widgets to help you build that all-important audience. If you currently use Blogger, you should strongly consider this template.

6. PinBoard

Pinboard is a Drupal theme that allows you to be a site just like Pinterest. The cardboard design that was popularized by Pinterest has been really taking off lately. If you like the Pinterest concept and want to build a Drupal blog with this type of layout, you can’t go wrong with this theme. You can create custom pinboards, repin, follow other users, pin videos (YouTube, Vimeo) and even pin animated images.

7. Proma

Proma is a multi-purpose Drupal theme that is also responsive. It features 15 color variations and 9 different backgrounds to help you customize your site’s look. It comes with a drag and drop site builder, easy to use slider management feature, transition graphic effects and multiple layouts. If you’re looking for a flexible Drupal theme that’s also responsive, Proma is a great all around choice.

8. Porto

Porto is a Joomla theme that offers a large amount of eCommerce features and provides you with 25 ready to go templates. It offers various templates for both professional businesses and eCommerce sites. This templates focuses mainly on commercial websites. It offers many layout variations, color schemes and sales-centric features like customization on product pages.

9. ThemeFusion

ThemeFusion is a WordPress theme focusing on a large list of customization options from colors, layouts and design elements. It has a sleek and professional look that focuses on a clean grid layout. It is competitive with the other major WordPress theme and stands out by focusing on the customizable framework and less on the templates, so you will want to go with ThemeFusion if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person.

10. Jevelin

Jevelin is a multi-purpose theme that is very similar to ThemeFusion. It differs in that it focuses on more templates, a SEO friendly set up and a site that is optimized for fast loading. It is a solid choice if you feel that ThemeFusion’s templates are lacking for you.

Those are just some great templates you can use to start a blog. These templates will help you build a site faster than you would do so manually or with regular themes.

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