In the industry of e-commerce, creating and maintaining a good reputation is vital for your survival. Shakespeare has noted that a person’s good name is more valuable than money. In today’s competitive e-commerce world, your brand can be broken quickly with a few negative testimonials on social media. Realizing that 86 percent of people will not do business with a company that has poor customer service, you have to be sure that your customer’s initial contact with your business is professional, convenient, and courteous. This is where an ecommerce call center can make all the difference.

Live-voice Receptionist

Studies show that having a live-voice receptionist increases the profits by more than 90 percent for e-commerce businesses. Consumers will naturally feel confident in shopping with you because they will have the first-hand experience that you give customer service a top priority.

Your customers will be able to talk to a friendly operator to answer any questions because call center agents are available at any time. Call centers are also able to man a live chat at any time, offering an option to chat in real time for those who would want immediate live support.

A Wide Variety of Services

Call centers are much more than simply answering services. They can manage help desks, process orders and provide continuous customer support. Their operators are well trained and have experience in working e-commerce.  Call center professionals will work 24/7 creating a reliable image and reputation for your company.

Call centers are experts in processing. They do this by integrating with your online software to process sales and to manage orders. They will support the work of your in-house staff by tracking shipments and processing returns and helping callers locate local dealers for item pick-up.

High-Quality Customer Service

If there are any problems with a product or service that your company delivered to a customer, it is essential to have a helpdesk team ready to assist such complaints. Call centers are ready to help and address any minor issues and if there are more complex issues, they will be referred to the appropriate person in your company.

When consumers are contacting a faceless online company the contact has to be professional and with the proper call center team in place, you can be confident your brand will be well represented each time the phone is answered.

Reduce Employees

Call center agents work off-site, eliminating the need to employ and train new staff members. You won’t need to buy any expensive equipment, the call center will supply all that you require. Billing is organized so that you only pay for the time you use. This way of billing will reduce your operating expenses.

When customer requests are flooding in and your employees are frantically trying to manage all the orders, they may not give the operation as much attention as it needs. This is where call centers can give the needed help, which will increase your company’s productivity and make for happier employees as well. E-commerce call centers take pride in providing affordable and personalized solutions. When you realize that 80 percent of all startups fail after the first year, starting and maintaining a business can be daunting and scary. Call centers can help you beat the odds.

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