If you’re after higher conversions on your ecommerce blog, the landing page plays a key role in hooking the sale. Landing pages show clear value proposition for website visitors low on the sales funnel. They illustrate exactly how the user can benefit from the purchase of a certain product or service.

Good design means everything for the effectiveness of these pages. If you’re struggling to come up with an effective design for these action-packed pages, here are 8 excellent examples of landing pages you can look at.

  1. Moz

Always a leader in digital marketing, Moz has done it again with a solid landing page design for their SEO toolset. They marry together calming colors, headlines, and sub headlines to give the reader a strong value proposition, even if the viewer only scans the page. They also use small sections of content, icons, and contrasting call-to-action buttons that encourage visitor interaction.

  1. Muck Rack

If you want a good landing page, you need scannable content that’s also interactive. The publication Muck Rack uses landing pages that are simple to navigate and loaded with call-to-action buttons, short paragraphs, clearly defined headers, and forums. As readers move through each page, they can easily see where they are and how Muck Rack can benefit them.

  1. Kelly & Soto Law

This Boston law office understands the importance of developing trust with potential clients. They use imagery to capture attention, followed by answers to FAQs. Their content is specific to the Boston area, and helps to encourage further communication with potential clientele. Visitors can clearly see how their services are of value, and it prompts the beginning of a business relationship.

  1. Forrester Research

Forrester Research could easily overwhelm their web visitors with blocky sections of text, facts, and statistics, but instead, this landing page uses images and contrast to gain readers’ attention. They want visitors to download the report, but instead of using a small textual link, they show a visual of the report. Their other calls to action are dark-colored against a white background, making each button clearly stand out.

  1. The Professional Wingman

If you’re planning to hire someone to help people get dates, you need to see a great landing page to convince you. This landing page uses the power of interactive content to get people to sign up. When you click on the “Get My Complimentary Coaching Experience” button, you’re taken to a forum and quiz to connect you with the right consultant. This page effectively builds trust between the service and the customer, promising an excellent experience.

  1. Startup Institute

The company Startup Institute focuses on building trust through their landing page. They ask visitors to fill out a form with personal information, and in return, the page states exactly what will happen after they apply and how their information will be used. Customers are usually less hesitant to hand out personalized information if they know where it’s going and how it will ultimately benefit them.

  1. Trulia

Trulia is a real estate site that strives to make the home shopping experience as simple and personalized as possible. On their landing page, that’s all about defining home value, they ask you to enter a generic address, which sounds much less invasive than entering “your address.” After filling in some more information about the home, they’ll be ready to send a report to an email you provide. They collect another email for their mailing list while offering something valuable to the consumer. It’s a win-win.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s website has a powerful design that also encourages conversions. As a traditional online education site aimed at SAT and college prep, their audience is mostly teenagers and young adults. To capture their attention, they use a combination of bright colors, icons, short text, and videos to get their users’ attention. Once on this landing page, you’re given a clear value proposition and a call-to-action you can’t refuse.

Any of these landing page design ideas can act as food for thought as you design your own converting landing pages. While you never want to copy another designer’s work, you can still internalize their style and mix and match some of your favorite elements. Your landing pages will be your own, and with creative and action-packed design, you can achieve your conversion goals.

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