Do you need a website builder that integrates custom events as a module? Look no further, we’ve found it for you. Take a closer look at the website builder and you will see that they have integrated a module called Wix Events in to their platform, available for everyone to use.

As we all know, everything happens online and the events business has grown so fast and everyone promotes it on their website. Why shouldn’t you do the same?

Whether you hold a grand re-opening, debut a new product or service, have a storewide sale, host a charity event, or just throw a big party, hosting a successful event can increase your brand visibility, bring in lots of foot traffic, and greatly benefit your local SEO campaign.

Here are five benefits to be reaped from local event marketing.

1. Brand exposure

When you want to host an event, one of the most important thing you need to consider is the exposure your business will get. Promoting an even online can have a lot of benefits, like: a targeted audience that can see and share your event; the possibility of collecting information from real people, interested in your products/ services; get news in local media website and many more.

When it comes to managing your events, Wix makes it simple by allowing you to easily integrate your website with social media networks or just giving you access to some beautiful invites to be sent to your potential guests.

Also, you need to take in to consideration that you will have a list with all the people that wants to come be a part of your grand opening.

2. Increase foot traffic and sales

If you don’t have a ready done list of the people for your event, this way you will gain new potential customers for your business. Most of the persons, attending an event, are interested in what you offer, either is a product or a service, that they need in the near future. Be sure you’re prepared to handle the volume, with extra staff on hand to keep things running smoothly. You’ll not only see greater sales during the event, but if you make a good impression then you stand to gain many more regular customers.

You will also have access to a system that will send automatic emails, immediately as a reservation is made, with all the details your guests need to know.

3. Interact with Your Customers

When hosting an event, you have the opportunity to meet and interact with your customers on a personal level, and market to them directly. They’ll get to see your products or services first hand, and meet the person behind the business. This creates a memorable impression and establishes a relationship you can’t achieve through any other form of marketing.

When it comes to your special event, you need everything to run smoothly and hassle-free. can give you options, like create and display multiple events on your site, collect RSVPs and manage your guest list all in one place. Great for weddings, parties, conferences, meetups and more.

4. Social media BUZZ

Be sure to leverage social media before, during, and after your event, to create a buzz that will have them tweeting to beat the band. Encourage attendees to check in at your event, take photos, and post them to Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Foursquare.

An important feature that Wix offers, is the option to see and manage your guest list and this will give you an idea about the number of people that will attend your event.

Once something is posted on Facebook, the news can spread before you know it. A ‘like’ here, a ‘share’ there, or one update from someone about attending the event and soon a single attendee’s Facebook friends will all know about the event.

Create a hashtag for your event and promote it well in advance, then post it prominently on your big day so that customers will remember to use it for their social media posts.

Think of the benefits of having hundreds of people giving you a recommendation to their friends.

5. Gain new online content

As you probably think, an event will give you a lot of new content for your blog, videos for your business Youtube channel and a lots of pictures that you can use on social media channels or your website.

Just because the event is over doesn’t mean you have to stop promoting it. Bring the experience full circle and make your event attendees feel more connected to your organization – include them on your website. Use photos from your recent event in a re-cap post on your blog and include them on your landing page for the event as you begin to build it up for next year’s event. These photos could also be great fits on other pages of your site, perhaps on your “About Us” and “Get Involved” pages.


When you think in building your website, make sure you have in mind all the benefits we’ve mentioned in this article, about why is important to have event website for your business.

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