To make a video, it is not necessary to buy a video camera. Now most inexpensive “soap bubbles” of the class is “brought and removed” and even cell phones have a video recording function. But what to do with the footage? What would be the perfect design of the video? Where will be the craft there? Cameras usually write video as a series of scenes in JPG format – this is effective, but takes up a lot of space.

Just a few minutes of viewing the video on YouTube, and you realize that most of the videos lack a little editing. Somewhere you need to cut out a couple of seconds at the beginning or at the end; somewhere adjust the brightness and contrast, if the shooting took place in conditions with insufficient lighting; and somewhere you need to deploy the video (if you do not want to watch it, turning your head 90 degrees). To edit video the following aspects must be consider. They are integral to the design of the video.

  • Fortunately, such basic installation can be done without resorting to expensive and complex high-end programs for video editing.
  • Being an editor and editing a video is definitely an exciting and creative activity, but it can also be time-consuming and painstaking, and therefore tedious and unproductive if you are not properly prepared for it. These tips will help you to be more effective.
  • Do you burn the project, deadline is close, and the sun is shining in the street and friends are beckoning to the cinema? It’s no wonder that the video editor and empty timeline in it seem like torture! Of course, in such conditions, or similar, there can be no question of any effectiveness of the work. Therefore, carefully study, and better apply in practice, these simple and useful tips that will help you better prepare to start work on a video project. The features of the editing software need to be the best. For example, you can take the instance of Movavi Video Editor. Its customized options absolutely serve the needs of the users.

Get Rid of Irritants and Distractions

Just turn off everything that can be distracting, for example: email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, phone and so on. In especially neglected cases, disconnect the Internet. All this may look like it’s a waste of a couple of minutes, but it isolates you, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the editing session.

However, you do not need to edit eight hours in a row, take breaks every two hours, have a snack, talk to someone, do a warm-up. This will allow you to return to editing with a fresh look.

Plan Editing

Do not start editing right away. After your project is fully loaded with all the additional plots, sounds, music, graphics, take a paper and pen, iPad, a napkin, as you prefer, and just think about your future project, plan the workflow.

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