Online forms are essential if you want to collect information on a website, social media, or any other internet-based platform. Nowadays they are used for a wide range of purposes, including gathering data for orders, payments, feedback, surveys, registrations or even just simple contact forms.

Suffice to say at some point or other you’re probably going to want to create an online form of your own – and the easiest way to do that is with the AidaForm Online Form Builder.

Uncomplicated and User-Friendly

Instead of forcing you to write or customize code to create online forms, AidaForm will allow you to build it in its graphical interface. The online form can be created by adding and arranging fields in a manner that resembles building blocks.

In that fashion you can structure any type of form that you want, and make sure that it contains exactly the fields that you need. Effectively AidaForm will let you purpose-build any type of online form, whether it is a simple and short form or a detailed and long one.

Aside from its structure you can also control the appearance of your form and its design within AidaForm itself – so you can ensure it fits with your website or branding elements.

Key Features of AidaForm

If you want to know more about what AidaForm can do, there are a few key features that will give you a better idea of its capabilities:

  • Graphical editor that will let you create online forms by dragging and dropping elements into place.
  • Numerous types of fields that can be added to your forms including radio buttons, multiple choice questions, Google Maps, file uploads, lists, and more.
  • CAPTCHA protection fields to ensure that only real people respond to the form.
  • Various smart themes to alter the appearance of your form that can be customized further with ease.
  • Options to publish the form include copying and pasting the embed code directly on a website, or linking to the form.
  • Notifications can be sent when responses are collected by the form.
  • Data visualizations are available as an overview or to analyze the responses.
  • Response data can be exported as a spreadsheet to view on Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Third party integrations are available for MailChimp, Google Sheets, Zoho CRM, Paypal, and Zapier can be used to connect with other apps and services.

Based on its features you should have a better idea of how comprehensive and versatile AidaForm truly is. It is safe to say that you will be able to use whichever of its features you need without any difficulty, and can create exactly the type of online form that you want to.

Seeing as it is free, you really have nothing to lose if you want to try the AidaForm Online Form Builder. In fact the best way to see what it can do is to experience it firsthand by building a form of your own using its graphical interface.

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