It does not matter if you had your site for a long time or if you just want to watch your very first website. WordPress stands out as the best CMS you could use. Everyone recommends it but why is that? Why is it that the huge brands use WordPress, including People Magazine, Ford and PlayStation?

The reasons that should be highlighted are the following:

WordPress is Here To Stay

WordPress is a CMS that is used for close to 15% of the top 1 million websites in the entire world. Users, web developers and web designers praise it due to how easy it is to use. A large part of its popularity is attributed to easiness of use. At the same time, because of the fact that it is so commonly used at the moment, its backing is huge. There is practically no chance that WordPress will disappear.

WordPress is Free

Nobody can deny the fact that WordPress is highly cost effective since it is completely free. A big problem for businesses is that they do not have the finances that are needed for online expansion. For instance, a plumber Berwick specialist cannot afford the services of a highly-experienced web developer. With WordPress there is no need to worry since most of the plugins that you will want to use are free and if finances are particularly tight, you can even opt for a free theme.


One of the wonderful things everyone should know about WordPress is that its source code is available for everyone to see. Every person can modify codes and customize the installation so that the result is exactly what is needed. In most cases this is not necessary but if it were needed, you have access to the needed flexibility. WordPress is built by a community. It is practically impossible not to find a way to create exactly what you always envisioned your site should have.

SEO Friendly

The importance of SEO should never be dismissed by site owners. Google simply loves WordPress since its code is particularly well-written. You do not need advanced search engine optimization knowledge to run a site with this CMS. You just need to install it, together with an SEO plugin like Yoast’s and you end up faced with a wonderful site/blog that is ready to rank high in major search engines.

Easy To Use

Although we already mentioned this, it needs to be repeated since we can say that this is one of the best possible things about using WordPress. You do not really need to be a genius or have advanced technical knowledge in order to quickly figure out how to properly use WordPress. Even if you do not know how to modify your CMS based on some specific wishes you might have, you can still update the site whenever you need it done. The backend administrator interface is incredibly easy to effectively navigate and use. You see everything organized in a highly logical way. You will find what you need to look for, including adding and editing pages.

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