Personalized products can be found in every corner of the internet. At first, these custom shops would personalize products in bulk mostly for customers who needed promotional items. The stipulation was that you had to purchase a minimum quantity of each item. Sometimes the minimum purchase was low enough for the average consumer to justify spending a few hundred bucks, but not often.

Today, personalized products can be purchased on demand, with no minimum order. Everything from hats and keychains to pens and t-shirts can be created and shipped in just a few days.

People are always looking for ways to feel special

A large portion of marketing psychology is knowing that people want to feel special. That’s why personalization is a growing trend in the world of internet technology, with features like Google’s personalized search. In fact, people have come to expect personalized content on the web, and 74% of customers get frustrated when content isn’t personalized.

According to Marketing Charts, 69% of marketers know the value of displaying dynamic, personalized content on their website. That number almost matches the number of consumers who expect personalization, a gap we should see close in the near future.

Personalization is more than putting a customer’s name on something

If your product can make people feel loved, special, or unique, you’ve got an advantage over the competition. However, a product doesn’t need to be engraved with someone’s name or favorite sports team to make them feel special. Sometimes all it takes is for an item to hold a personal meaning. For instance, the entire jewelry industry has been personalized by assigning gemstones to each birth month.

When you’re born in July, a ruby isn’t just a ruby – it’s your birthstone! “Forever the precious stone of love, health and wisdom, the deeper the red color, the more good fortune a ruby is said to bring,” says Estate Diamond Jewelry. “The most desired gemstone throughout history is still its most precious.” These words may not mean much to someone born in December, whose birthstone is turquoise. However, to a July baby these words can make them feel the need to choose the ruby over other gemstones.

People want to buy items they can identify with

People tend to gravitate toward items they personally identify with. Birthstones are just one item millions of people identify with. Zodiac signs are another.

People who grow up aware of their birthstone tend to favor their birthstone more than other gems. If they’ve got money to burn, they’re more likely to make impulse purchases just because an item is made with their birthstone.

The same is true for people who identify with their zodiac sign. When browsing gift stores and malls, items with their zodiac sign will stand out and be a tempting impulse buy. Marketers know this, and that’s why there are so many trinket stores that seem to sell everything imaginable covered in zodiac signs.

Want to start selling personalized products?

Today, it’s easier than ever to get into the game of selling personalized products. Two of the easiest options are to open up a CafePress or Spreadshirt account. Upload your designs to be printed on various products on demand. If you aren’t a graphic designer, hire a freelancer to create royalty-free, no attribution designs for you. Sell your items in the hosted marketplace shops – no website needed.

Get personal through marketing

If you’re running an existing business, you can still make your products more personal. This is where marketing psychology comes in. When you can identify what personally connects your customers to your product, you can make customers feel special just for buying your product.

For example, say you’re selling a special brand of dog biscuits that are healthier than others on the market – perhaps made in your kitchen with wholesome ingredients. People will feel special buying your product when you can connect it to their need to be the kind of person who feeds their dog all the right foods. By purchasing your dog biscuits, your customers are doing the right thing, and giving their dogs the best possible food. This is something they can feel proud of.

Remember, if people can’t personally relate to your product, they’re not likely to buy it. Find a way to make your products personal, and you’ll see sales soar.

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