It is a good practice to call your eye doctor if you ever experience eye pain and buy glasses online . Eye pain is uncomfortable and may indicate an eye disease or other problem that requires immediate treatment.

Just be prepared to answer some of the following questions

  • Did your eyes come into contact with chemicals or dirt?
  • Did both eyes hurt?
  • Do you have headache and eye pain?
  • How would you describe your eye pain?
  • What other symptoms are you experiencing?
  • where are you feeling?

The position of your eyes can tell you a lot about possible causes. If you have pain behind your right eye, you should know what’s here.

What is causing the pain behind your right eye?

Eye pain can be in one eye or both of your eyes. Although in many cases the cause may be serious, it may suggest a temporary condition. Either way, reporting your symptoms to your eye doctor is a great way to monitor the progress of your pain and your chances of having a serious eye condition.

There are three primary causes of pain behind your right eye:

1: Transition

An infection in your sinuses can cause an increase in pressure, which can cause your eyelids to become puffy. This can cause discomfort behind or under your eyes. As your sinus infection improves, the redness and pain should subside.

2: Optic Neuritis

Just as inflammation around the eyes due to an infection can contribute to discomfort, so can infection or inflammation of the optic nerve. This indicates optic neuritis (a serious eye condition that requires a trip to the optometrist’s office). In addition to feeling uncomfortable behind your eyes, you may experience these symptoms: blurred vision, blurred vision and problems with color saturation.

3: Severe Headache

Headache can cause pain anywhere in the upper part of the body, from the neck to the eyes. If you have a severe headache that doesn’t go away, it could be a migraine, and it can make the area behind your eye more sensitive than usual. Remember that regular headaches indicate a refractive error (such as astigmatism, caution, myopia or presbyopia), so it’s best to get your eyes checked if your headaches keep recurring.

Is it normal to have pain behind the eyes from exercise?

Pain behind your eyes with movement is one of the primary symptoms of optic neuritis. This side effect may begin one day without any other warning signs, or it may get worse for several days.

If you experience this symptom or any other optic neuritis, see an eye doctor immediately, as they can develop if you do not receive treatment in a timely manner. Remember that not everyone needs a remedy for this condition, as it may go away on its own, but specific medications can help with your loss of vision and other symptoms.

Why is there pain behind my right eye?

Summary: What is causing the pain behind your right eye?

Many conditions can cause pain behind your right eye. We recommend looking for signs of increased sinus pressure (or infection), migraines and optic neuritis. All of these issues can affect the areas around your eye if left untreated.

Optic neuritis can also cause pain in the back of your eye. If you have this symptom or any others, we encourage you to sign up so you can share it with your eye doctor. Next, you want to contact your optometrist as soon as possible to find out if you need a comprehensive eye exam.

Our team will let you know if your symptoms are severe and need to be visited immediately. Otherwise, we can give you some easy tips to treat eye pain at home.

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