Converting elements in UI design is an important focus area. Designers should be familiar with the most important conversion elements out there today and know how to use them effectively. Here are some of the most important conversion elements that UI designers should consider. 

Why Conversion Elements in UI Should Be Simple in Design

Tell an engineer to make UI designs simple, and you’ll get a quizzical look in return. The engineering behind UI is often quite complex. However, it is the design of the final product that should be kept as simple as possible. This means easy to use, with responsive design and seamless navigation.                              

Making UI Conversion Elements Attractive

While simplicity in use and navigation are important factors, the look and feel of the website or app is another key focus area. According to one figure, 38% of visitors will stop viewing a website if the content is visually unappealing. That percentage speaks volumes and is substantial enough to necessitate serious efforts in making all of the conversion elements on the website attractive to the eye.

Designers understand this, the right designer can help customers feel excited and engaged with good design. The right UI can appeal to consumers and improve click-through-rates, purchases, and time-on-site.

Making Payment Method Elements More Attractive to Customers

Payment methods are one of the most important UI design elements of all. This is where the magic happens. Vast amounts of marketing efforts are made for the express purpose of getting customers to the payment phase. Don’t drop the ball on this important UI element. Payment methods need to be familiar enough to instill concepts of security, but they are also an opportunity for a great experience.  Making the payment method element attractive to customers from a UI perspective means designing payment method elements that are attractive in design and easy to use.

The Importance of Conversion Element Speed and Engagement, and Why UI Designers should Focus on it

Beauty and simplicity are key focus areas as discussed previously. However, UI designers also have to make provisions for loading times on their websites. This fast-paced market is comprised of fast-paced consumers and longer loading times on a website’s pages can turn users away.

To demonstrate the extent of consumer expectations on loading times, 47% of users expect a website to load within a couple of seconds. This need for speed can put pressure on UI designers and is another important focus area. When loading speeds cannot be optimized much farther, simple remedies like adding additional pop-up boxes telling the user that it’s loading to keep users engaged for those precious few extra seconds.  

Streamline UI Conversion Elements in the Design Process

Finding the right UI designer can help you provide a great experience to consumers. Additional help should be brought in to ensure the quality of the final product. Smaller businesses in the field are particularly good candidates for hiring out help on UI design to streamline the process.

Conversion elements make up a crucial part of UI design and make up an important part of the customer experience. Apps and websites will be judged with great scrutiny by users, making UI design a competitive area of expertise.   

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