WordPress is the most popular Content Management System that powers nearly 28% of the websites on the web including self-hosted blogs, enterprise websites, e-commerce setups and highly complex websites. Access to thousands of plugins to host information in the most creative ways along with regular security updates for a spam free website performance has put WordPress CMS on top of the game. So, while most bloggers will vouch for the user-friendly features of WordPress CMS, they often miss the most important detail. We are referring to the hosting choice.

For a WordPress website, WordPress hosting is an undisputed winner. As the name suggests, WordPress hosting plans are created to host WordPress website. Unlike other hosting types like shared and VPS, a WordPress hosting plan is customized to the tee for WordPress CMS. Both the hardware and software component of the hosting plan is tailormade to the support the ecosystem of a WordPress website.

Independent bloggers or website owners should go for a WordPress hosting platform for the following reasons:

  1. Access to a complete library of Plugins, Templates, Themes and Server Level Features

A blog hosted on WordPress is entirely yours and it can be tweaked as per your preference. You can insert advertisements, promote products through affiliate marketing and even create additional sites. All this can be done with zero knowledge of programming. However, the dashboard of your WordPress hosting provider plays a vital role in accessing server level features.

An intuitive WordPress installation and management panel allows administration of server level features such as Email, SSL, Database, Backups and more. The dashboard provided by WordPress Hosting service allows the user to install several plugins. With plugins, it is easier to keep a track of the website traffic, optimize the blog for search engine optimization (SEO), embed podcasts, install a comment plugin and more. A user has several options to seamlessly customize their website with WordPress hosting including themes, plugins, templates and scripts to improve the overall website experience.

  1. Allows installation of multiple WordPress websites

WordPress hosting usually allows you to operate multiple sites from one central hub – either through WordPress’ own Multi-site feature or through separate instances on a single hosting order. WordPress supports running multiple sites from one core installation.


In the recent update, WordPress has moved toward becoming a full-fledged application framework and to achieve it; they needed new APIs. This move was aimed at creating easy-to-understand, straightforward to use and a well-tested framework to building APIs for the core. Providing API endpoints for WordPress data, WordPress REST API allows developers for networking with sites remotely by sending and receiving JSON objects. JavaScript Object Notation is an open standard data format that is human readable and lightweight and looks like Objects do in JavaScript, thus the name.

To make the optimum use of REST API, you need the backing of the updated version of the WordPress, which is periodically performed in the case of WordPress hosting.

  1. Inexpensive

WordPress hosting is very reasonably priced. A starter WordPress hosting plan can be as low as $5 a month. In addition to that, unlike other blogging platforms, WordPress is the free and open source; all you only must pay for is the domain name and the WordPress hosting. Purchase a domain name from a reputable company, find a web host for your blog and install WordPress. It is that simple!

  1. Freedom to Personalize Domain

Blogging is all about self-branding and selling your content. Bloggers must ensure that their content is reachable to the target audience. A personalized domain name allows you to leave an impression of originality, and give you your free space in the world of internet. You own your blog when you host it with WordPress hosting and you are the real owner. From caching, web traffic routing database management etc. can be optimally customized, thus you have a full control over your website.

  1. Blazing Speed

One of the primary reason why most bloggers prefer WordPress is that it facilitates seamless integration and a number of free & useful plugins that can be installed for customization. However, all this can slow down the load time of your website. For critical businesses, especially e-commerce website, a slow loading website will affect lead conversion.

With WordPress hosting plans, the performance of your website shall not be affected. This is because the fastest WordPress hosting plans have the backing of latest SSD hardware. Some hosting provider also use caching tools to speed up the load time of WordPress website. The platform supports latest version of PHP and HTTP/2 along with few CDN that further improves the load time of the website.

  1. Highly Secure

Any WordPress hosting provider worth their salt will offer backups, malware scanning, firewalls and protection from DDoS attacks. A WordPress user can add two-step authentication when logging into their admin account. Users can disable file editing, use WordPress security keys for authentication and even limit login attempts. Also, the number of security plugins for WordPress can assist you further and keep your blog secure from the prying eyes. It is imperative that before taking these steps, you must choose a reliable WordPress hosting provider.

  1. Support

With a reliable WordPress hosting provider, a user gets specific support from the provider with a team of WordPress experts. One must choose a WordPress hosting provider carefully because in case of any mishap you do not want to lose traffic when your blog is down, and you need immediate proactive support. Although the WordPress community is active and helpful with support in several forms, you still need a reliable hosting provider. Both official and community-based support systems can aid you with the technicality if you end up on a bumpy road. However, the support and assistance provided by the WordPress hosting provider is unparalleled and is the way to go in case you end up in a tricky situation.

  1. Frequent Updates

With WordPress hosting, the core WordPress is updated automatically when a new release is introduced. It is done without any input from the user. In the case of a major upgrade, a user will get a notification which can initiate the update process in just one-click. Frequent updates ensure that your WordPress is up-to-date with the latest features, and is patched with latest security updates. Safety is the most important reason to update your WordPress. However, it will also ensure that bugs are fixed. Updates also affect the speed of your blog, for instance, the WordPress 4.2 update improved JS performance for navigation menu which made it more seamless.

Imagine being able to do all this – all by yourself. Aspiring bloggers looking to improve their reputation and their brand must choose WordPress as their blogging platform. With unique advantages and the right tools at your disposal, a WordPress blog offers all that and more. A WordPress blog is like living life on your terms with your decisions – the possibilities are endless and waiting for you to be explored.

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