Are you feeling confused about choosing between WordPress hosting and regular HTML web hosting? Most people have a hard time deciding between the different plans offered by service providers.

These plans come with many features that might seem useful for the website’s performance over time. In this article, we will compare the standard features offered by WordPress hosting and regular web hosting service providers so you can make an informed decision.

WordPress Hosting Versus Regular HTML Web Hosting

One of the primary differences between WordPress hosting and regular web hosting for HTML websites is the server configuration. Regular web hosting services offer shared space to multiple sites on a single physical server.

In such an environment, thousands of websites are running on different types of platforms. Even though these hosting services provide hosting and site-building services to so many platforms, they also offer website builders and applications specific to WordPress sites.

On the other hand, WordPress hosting providers also offer shared server environments, and the plans vary with the levels of services. However, the difference is that a website will share the server space exclusively with other WordPress sites in such an environment. Therefore any service and support are tailored specifically for the features and performance of a WordPress site.

Some of the advantages of using WordPress hosting is as follows:

  • You will get a predictable usage of the server, which will allow the provider to allocate the resources for your website in a better way with faster resolutions for your technical problems.
  • The server configurations will be tweaked for WordPress specifically, which means you will get an optimal performance like faster page loading speed. However, these factors will vary depending on the service provider you choose.
  • The service provider will offer better security for your website as they will need to address threats specific to WordPress sites.
  • There are several pre-configured settings available, such as SSL websites or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Therefore, it will be easier and faster to hook up your website with the hosting server.
  • If you do not have a lot of experience with websites, WordPress hosting is relatively beginner-friendly. It will come with pre-installed WordPress software, free themes, automated updates, and experienced customer service.

You can also use regular HTML web hosting for your website created with WordPress. If the web hosting is based on Linux, you would need the current PHP and MySQL versions. But keep in mind that you will have to optimize and maintain the website yourself.

For example, you will have to remember to update your WordPress installation periodically, including the latest security features. If you do not have the expertise or the time to take care of these aspects, it is better to invest in WordPress hosting. You can visit this website if you want to learn more about the best web hosting solutions for WordPress.

Which Hosting Should You Choose?

If you compare the WordPress hosting and regular web hosting services offered by the same provider, you will notice that several features are common between the two. Some of them are automated backup services, free SSL certificates, and unlimited databases. So how will you choose between the two? These are some of the factors that will help you to decide.

  • Do you have only WordPress sites? If you have one or many WordPress sites, it is better to opt for WordPress hosting, since it comes with many specific features. You can host WordPress sites through regular web hosting services as well, but you might miss out on one or more pre-configured features, such as a one-click staging area, useful plugins, automated updates, and many others.
  • If you have both WordPress and HTML websites, you can still use WordPress plans, as they would support any PHP and MySQL website. However, if you have a website that is written in another backend language like Java, you may need a different type of web hosting. So if you have WordPress and Java websites, you will have to look for a service provider that offers hosting for both kinds of sites. You may have to sign up for different hosting services as many WordPress hosting service providers do not offer hosting services for any other type of website.
  • If you are an advanced developer, you might prefer regular web hosting services as they offer flexible solutions that will give you better control over several website features.

WordPress hosting offers excellent solutions for beginners and experienced users alike. When you choose a hosting service provider, make sure that you consider several factors, such as reputation, security standards, flexibility, options to upgrade, and customer service.

Choosing the right web hosting can often be a deciding factor in the success of your website. While there is nothing wrong with choosing regular HTML web hosting for your WordPress website, you might be saving yourself from a lot of hassles if you choose a WordPress hosting service.

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