With the growing success and implementation of WordPress around the internet, it’s no wonder that website’s delivering news content are becoming popular on the platform. With the flashy, easy to navigate nature of WordPress out of the box, it’s clear to see why web designers would want to use the advantages of WordPress to make news content more engaging.

News websites demand a certain level of neutrality in their visual appeal, maintaining minimalistic attitudes without seeming boring or bare bones. These reasons are probably what make WordPress new sites in high demand for themes that strike the right notes to appeal to the targeted user base.

The following will discuss a few of the absolute best WordPress themes for sites serving news content.


NewsPaper is a highly responsive, flashy and smooth theme that works incredibly well for sites rich in interesting content. The design has a focus on user experience allows readers to hover their mouses over an option and get some further information before clicking into it.

This theme has proven incredibly successful for sites like best in Australia which features a large amount of news categories for users to navigate through.

NewsPaper uses a great deal of features to make integration with Social Media easier than ever. Additions like the author box, layouts for multiple posts, brands sections and an area for popular categories all help to keep the webpage’s content highly connected.

The sleek and user friendly design of NewsPaper makes it ideal of optimising for SEO outcomes. Easy to use translation features also make it easier to reach an international audience.


Newsmag is another stylish WordPress theme that’s popular amongst news sites for its sophisticated appeal. It has historically been one of the highest demand themes because of its visual appeal alone.

Newsmag has an incredibly flexible design that promotes performance with retina optimised layouts, in-built translations and a smart ad servicing system. These features are so popular because they don’t require any additional coding skill to use effectively.

The compact design that Newsmag provides makes to appropriate for any kind of content, long or short. The attractive yet minimalist design works not only on a visual level but a technical one.

Newsmag’s design allows for it to achieve a better page speed and it’s pre-optimised to work well with the Yoast SEO plugin which is one of many great SEO tools to improve web traffic. The improved performance on Google’s Pagespeed test means that Newsmag would be appreciated by SEO experts who want to get the best SEO performance out of a webpage.

Newsmag is optimised for Google AdSense and does a great job of supporting highly responsive and mobile friendly advertising.


Unlike NewsPaper and Newsmag, Gillion is more of an artsy choice that experiments with the reading experience for users. With interesting column arrangements and bookmarking systems, this theme seems to encourage users to spend a long time reading content.

Gillion is as functional as it is pretty, with many parts of its design optimised for SEO. With unlimited colour choices, a range of posting formats and social media integration this theme is perfect for the young blogger or journalist.

With a live interface for its customisation, web developers can get very creative in real-time as they use Gillion’s generous suite of design tools.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of hundreds of worthy WordPress themes that could be effectively used by a news blog. The combined focus on performance as well as aesthetic user experience is what makes these themes stand out on the highly customisable platform of WordPress.

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